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Lips: Dermal Filler Foundation Course

Courses held each month, please email or message for upcoming dates.

2 day workshop

£2495.00 (£250.00 non-Refundable deposit) 

Balance must be paid at least 1 week before course date.

Lips; Foundation level Dermal Filler Course. 


Learn how to safely & effectively add volume to create fuller, more defined lips.


We have designed this course as an entry level into the world of Dermal Filler injectables.

This course will teach you how to use Dermal filler syringes employing the linear technique to add volume and definition to your clients lips.

This course is a must for any practitioner wishing to take the first steps in the the world of Dermal fillers.


We will guide you with patients and understanding while giving you continuous ongoing support.



Optional extra *starter kit: £355.00



*Starter kit includes: 3 packs x HA Dermal Filler suitable for lip treatments, adrenaline auto-injector, Hyaluronidase & Sodium Chloride, first aid kit and skin preparation kit and PPE.

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