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Kelley & Justin Barnes

Kelley and Justin (Husband & Wife team) are unrivalled in their knowledge and professionalism having owned and run their own aesthetic and cosmetic clinic and having worked and trained in London’s Harley Street with the very best Doctors in the Aesthetics industry. Kelley and Justin and will guide you on your journey to becoming an expert Dermal filler aesthetic practitioner.

We are passionate about the aesthetics industry, through our teaching we will share specialist techniques, explaining how to achieve incredible results while keeping you and your future clients happy and safe.

We pride ourselves in creating a safe learning environment, teaching our students with patience and understanding.

You will receive professional guidance throughout your learning and moving forward with your business.


Fully Accredited CPD Course

Includes 2 days home study and 2 days classroom with theory & practical sessions.

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to give you the confidence and ability to deliver high quality dermal filler treatments to your clients.

Our Foundation Course includes:

• Introduction and history of facial Dermal fillers.

• Facial ageing, the ageing process, Assessment of the ageing face.

• Correct filler selection dependent on area and tissue thickness and the desired outcomes.

• Ability to identify anatomical features, locate suitable injection sites.

• Risk reducing injection techniques, locations.

• Consultation process, informed consent. Contraindications & side effects. Ethical approach to aesthetics.

• First aid, including emergency protocols. Dermal filler related complications and treatments.

• Business and advertising guidance.

• Help with: Insurance, Suppliers, Pharmacies.

• Practical injection sessions (with expert guidance) using live models.

• Areas treated include: high cheek bones, Jaw, Chin and Lips.

Experience / minimum qualification requirements 1 or more of the following:

S.P.M.U practitioners (6 months experience)

Mesotherapy practitioners (6 months experience)

Microneedling/Laser/IPL (6 months experience)

NVQ/VRQ level 3 Beauty

Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology


Model enquiry form:

Model prices £75per syringe/area



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